June 12, 2019

This Wednesday, the inexplicably smarter half of Beavis and Butthead returned to the Senate for a little more purgerin‘ and he certainly won’t be the last. Hope Hicks is now also scheduled to testify but she’s going to flip like a gymnast mainlining cocaine.

However, the real story here wasn’t blatant nepotism, the publicity paint job stunt or even the grand re-opening of actual internment camps. (Wait. WHY isn’t this a bigger deal?!)

It was that a sitting U.S President fully admitted that he requested and received aid from a hostile foreign government in the course of an American election.

….and that he’d do it again.

That’s not just kind of of collusion. It’s not softcore collusion. It’s not collusion-lite with only half the calories.


And for some reason it is not sitting particularly well with our state run propaganda network.