On January 31st, Trump:

Boasted about how the DNC hacks helped him win the election, to cyber security experts.

Announced his first Supreme Court pick like he was still on a reality TV show.

Broke his campaign promise to negotiate drug prices immediately after meeting with lobbyists for big pharma.

Had to be walked down the stairs like a toddler, probably because he’s scared of them.

Was celebrated by jihadists as their best recruitment tool yet.

ISIS in particular.

Employed “racist vigilantes” to make up evidence of non-existent voter fraud.

Probably killed an old woman who had lived in this country legally for over 20 years.

Went behind the backs of Republican lawmakers to use their staff to draft a controversial executive order without their knowledge.

And nominated an education secretary who has already been caught plagiarizing, which would get a student expelled at most universities.