July 4th, 2018

This Independence Day, Trump:

Was Banned by the City of Sheffield

Magdid Magdid, the mayor of Sheffield, South Yorkshire in England, banned the U.S Commander-in-Chief to proclaim a day of solidarity with Mexico. The announcement comes in anticipation of an impending presidential visit to Britain.

And, Owned on Twitter by J.K Rowling

In what adds to a growing list of things no actual journalist ever thought they’d have to type. Ever.

Then, Called Racist by Half the Country

Though the President has not been particularly coy about such views, only a disturbingly low number of Americans will actually call racism what it is. -Racism!

Failed to Understand Why America Couldn’t Just ‘Invade Venezuela’

This is obviously why John Kelly long since tossed in the towel.

Went From ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘Single’ With Cohen

Things are getting complicated with his former attorney.

And, Still Continued to Keep Kids in Cages

But will no longer admit to how many.