May 11, 2018

Today, Trump:

Remained Silent as White House Aide Attacked McCain

The insults ramped up after ‘Songbird’ comments aired on Fox. Recent animosity is attributed to  opposition over Haspel’s CIA nomination. This is comes only days after rumors surfaced that Trump is explicitly NOT invited to McCaine’s impending funeral as ironically referenced by Orrin Hatch, Utah’s very senior senator.

Publicly Berated Homeland Security Secretary for Obeying the Law

Because the law is no excuse for… well…basically..anything, at this point.

Axed Funding for NASA Greenhouse Gas Research

All funding will be cut from the Carbon Monitoring System, halting global research .  America will no longer track carbon emissions worldwide after the unique program comes to a stop.

And Still Continues to Employ Rudy Giuliani

Despite difficult times,  they have a love meant to last.