August 31, 2018

Today, Trump:

Realized He was ‘Over a Barrel’

After recent attacks on Bruce Ohr, House Judiciary and Oversight committees learned of Steele statements concerning Russian influence.

Jogged Along the Path to Impeachment

It’s not a particularly long course at this point.

Walked-Back on Federal Worker Pay Freezes

After major backlash resulted from the decision to halt a routine cost-of-living increase for federal employees, the White House administration conceded to a review of the order.

Further Torpedoed Global Trade

Some casualties are maybe best left buried. Maybe?

Got Called Out for Derogatory Statements on Aretha Franklin

His mouth is unworthy to utter her name. Rest in Power, Queen of Soul.

Said Stupid Things in Indiana


And Still Continued to Keep Kids in Cages

497 of them, to be exact.