August 30, 2018

Today, Trump…

Screwed the Little Guy, Again

Canceling pay raises for federal employees… while considering bypassing congress to give the rich another $100 billion tax cut nobody asked for.

Admitted to Attempting to Obstruct Justice, Again

As part of a tweetstorm we’ll revisit shortly, he kinda admitted he tried to fire Mueller and Sessions. Probably because the walls are closing in, as the big boy newspapers say.

Probably Committed More Tabloid-Related Crimes

It seems there was a plan to buy all of the National Enquirer’s damaging stories about Trump. Where was the money going to come from? (Or through?) If it was to be anything like the other Cohen-facilitated payments, it was a criminal conspiracy.

Stripped Americans of Their Citizenship

People born near the US-Mexico border are having their citizenship revoked, unless they can provide evidence, including things like receipts for their mothers’ prenatal care, and their parents’ rental agreements from the time they were born.

And said a Lot of Stupid Stuff on Twitter, Again

Apparently, the Justice Department is doing the real collusion, because one official’s wife is an expert on Russia and–gasp!–even speaks the language. Also, he said CNN is out to get him, falsely accused NBC of “fudging” an interview with him, the press is the enemy of the people, there’s no chaos in the White House and a bunch of other, equally asinine, equally exhausting things.