This Weekend, Trump…

Threatened to Shut Down the Government

Because Democrats won’t give him the votes to do what he wants. Even though Democrats don’t control either chamber of congress. I mean, you guys know how counting works, right?

Made Veiled Threats to the Press

…Be a shame if someone came along and totally murdered you dead for being so unpatriotic, implied the President of the United States. In writing. In public. While lecturing the press about their responsibility to report the truth. And, berating them for reporting the truth.

Broke an Off-the-Record Deal with The New York Times

During his lecture about news media ethics. Which freed the Times to tell its side of the story.

Went on Another Long Rant About How He’s Totally Innocent of a Crime He Hasn’t Actually Been Accused Of, Yet

You know, the way innocent people do all the time.

And, Denied Making Re-Election Flags in China

Which, refreshingly, was not part of the same tweet storm as everything else on this list.