November 29, 2018

This Thursday, Trump:

Offered Putin a Penthouse in Trump Tower

The new season of Big Brother, Moscow is going to be a hit!

Refused to Repay G.I Recipients

Leaving veterans broke during the holidays.

Attacked His Own Deputy Attorney General


Retweeted a Fake Vice President

On par for a fake orange President.

Allowed His Labor Secretary to Cover for a Child Rapist

Upon learning of the horrific report, the U.S President called for the immediate resignation promotion of Rapey McRapefriend….. to Attorney General.

Had His U.N Laughter Moment Turned into a Commercial

Thank you Air New Zealand.

Looked on Track to Further Cripple the Economy

G20 is going to be awkward.

And Still Continued to Keep Kids in Cages

With actual criminals.