Veterans Day Weekend, 2018

This Weekend, Trump…

Hid from the Rain

Trump skipped an event to honor fallen American soldiers at a cemetery in France. Because he didn’t want to get his hair wet, and we all know he can’t operate an umbrella.

Complained that a World War II Veteran Wasn’t Wet Enough

During a speech to honor vets, Trump whined that he had to stand in the rain, while an elderly veteran did not.

Skipped a Major, International World War I Memorial Event

While other world leaders braved the rain to walk hand-in-hand  to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, Trump chose to take a cruise in a private motorcade.

Got Verbally Spanked by Macron

It seems the French President has no time for this “nationalism” bullshit.

Basically Canceled Veterans Day

Upon returning he returned to the US, Trump skipped the traditional presidential visit to Arlington cemetery and announced that there were no further events planned for the day.

Spent the Day Tweeting Conspiracy Theories, Instead

Because of course he did.

Threatened Fire Victims

While spreading incredibly misinformed nonsense about the California fires, Trump threw in a threat to cut off aid to the victims.

And Decided Puerto Rico Doesn’t Need Any Help, Either

But, I guess we already knew he felt that way.