January 25, 2019

Friday, Trump:

Got Owned by Nancy Pelosi

Mister Art of the Deal showed off his mad negotiating skills by accepting the package Democrats offered 35 days ago–minus the small amount they once offered for a partial border wall!

Pissed Off a Lot of Travelers

Just prior to announcement of “the deal,” the shutdown forced a short-staffed LaGuardia to halt incoming flights.

Saw A Top Campaign Adviser Get Arrested on Live TV

In a dramatic early morning raid, heavily armed FBI agents finally arrested Roger Stone for lying to congress, tampering with witnesses and threatening an adorable dog.

Oh, and the indictment makes clear that Stone was coordinating with WikiLeaks to promote emails stolen from Democrats.

Got Owned by Nancy Pelosi, Again

Still no State of the Union date for little Donny Don’t.

Spent Some Time in Crazytown

Ranting on Twitter about the arrest, CNN and, as always, conspiracy theories.

And Set Himself Up to Get Owned By Nancy Pelosi Yet Again

Since the government is only funded for about three weeks.