June 5, 2019

This Wednesday brought a tangible shift in the political air.

While our dumpster-fire-shit-show of an administration continued it’s assclownery in another country, (Simmer down, Britain. Even though he’s orange and round, it isn’t basketball. You don’t have to keep him just because you’re the last to touch him.) things look dark for the White House.

Could it be that the GOP have reached breaking point and finally have had enough of the lies, disrespect and childmolesting social circle?


Because people don’t collectively decide that maybe putting children in concentration camps is a bad thing after they’ve already been doing it for a good long while.

Once a monster, always a monster.

But now the ineptitude is on global display. Republicans are painted into a corner of their own making only the paint is made of feces and uh, yeah. -The walls are on fire.

Expect more indictments, more chaos and more distractions before things come to a head.

The end credits are almost rolling.