June 2, 2019

This weekend brought another mass shooting, which provided the perfect opportunity for a heartfelt call for action, compassion and unity.


The President DID attend a brief service in Virginia where neither the victims nor the violence was mentioned. It was just five minutes onstage with this guy wanking off the leader of the free world and quite frankly, it looked like the President was a bit underdressed for the party.

Economic advisor Kevin Hassett and lead defense attorney Emmet Flood are both exiting the dumpster fire of an administration without much in the way of a goodbye. Probably something to do with the inevitable economic collapse and continued criminal activity, ya think? The rats are jumping ship. After five minutes with Mr. Ivanka, can you really blame them?

Next, it was off to Britain, where he managed to insult basically everyone and embarrass the U.S. yet again, even before stepping off the plane.

Jesus Christ, America.

We miss our real dad.