May 1, 2019

WHHHHOoooooooEEEEEeeee, boys and girls, this Wednesday, Trump:

Started the day with yet another meltdown on Twitter.

Firefighters have joined the ranks of the, “Enemy of the People” along with journalists, minorities and championship sports teams after they became the first major labor group to support any 2020 candidate.

Spoiler alert: It’s NOT this guy.

Meanwhile, William Barr was also having a very bad day. Eventually, either Duolingo launched their English to Lunatic option or a staffer explained (in a combination of finger-paintings and small words) the very serious nature of dying somewhere that isn’t prison. The President, of course, graced us with an eloquently crafted statement not delivered by his beloved White House Press Secretary.

Seriously. What is it with this guy and hamburgers?