May 8, 2018

Today Trump,

Probably Paid off a Porn Star with Money from Putin

The account that Trump attorney Michael Cohen created to pay off Stormy Daniels later received $500,000 in mystery money from one of Vladimir Putin’s BFFs.

Took Four Hours to Answer Two Mueller Indictment Practice Questions

Because it’s hard to say two true things, right?

Pulled the US Out of an International Arms Treaty

Despite protests from our allies, Trump backed out of the deal that halted Iran’s nuclear program.

Put a Quack on the White House Health Council

The lines between fantasy and reality are becoming increasingly blurred as a reality TV president appoints a reality TV doctor–whose advice is completely unsupported science half of the time.

Fought with Comedians, Again

Because there is no greater threat to our country than mean comedians.

And Still Continues to Employ Giuliani

The current White House is a strange, strange place.