May 1, 2018

Probably Leaked those Mueller Investigation Questions

Obstruction and collusion-related questions were presented to his attorneys, who seem to have immediately leaked them to the New York Times.

…Then Went on Another Early Morning Twitter Rant About It

Decrying the leak and dismissing the investigation as a ‘witch hunt.’

Maybe Ordered His Medical Records Stolen?

It’s hard to tell what’s even real anymore, but his doctor claims that Trump’s bodyguard stormed his office and stole Trump’s medical records. And that’s happening pretty soon after his insane White House doctor was ousted, so go ahead and call us suspicious.

Delayed the Metals Tariff, Again

Backtracking on another ill-considered campaign promise.

Then Refused to Apologize for Calling African Nations ‘Shitholes,’ Again

Because the President of Nigeria, “Knows Where I’m Coming From.”