On February 1st, Trump:

Threatened to invade Mexico.

Threw a temper tantrum at the Prime Minister of Australia.

Told a group of prominent black Americans that 19th century abolitionist Frederick Douglass “has done an amazing job.” You know, the way you’d talk about someone who is still alive.

Lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit for refusing to refund dues after revoking paid memberships at his golf clubs.

Continued to inspire revolt among civil servants.

Shook international markets with more liesĀ about China and Japan.

Told Senate Republicans to upend democratic norms for a major power grab.

Got called an amateur by Iran.

Planned to damage the economy to spite immigrants.

Drew up plans to deport the tired and poor.

Said that his Muslim nation travel ban, which stranded members of the military, academicsĀ and allies at airports around the world, is “keeping bad people out.”

And was proclaimed the next Nixon.