December 17, 2018

This Monday, Trump:

Cut Medicare for 17k Arkansas Residents

Who are were overwhelmingly GOP supporters.

Really Could Not Get a Grip on Chief of Staff Position

This is beyond awkward.

Shredded Remaining Dignity of Office

By golfing while his Secret Service went without pay, among other things.

Attacked the Fed


Said Stupid Stuff on Twitter

Again and again.

Continued to Employ Rudy Giuliani

Who is obviously working with Democrats, judging by recent comments.

Managed to Infect Stephen Miller

Senior White House Advisor and living adipocere, Stephen Miller, showed his boss that his head was in the game during an enthusiastic defense of the impending Trump shutdown.

Caught Another Glimpse of the Future


Was Publicly Mocked

By all of Germany.

And Still Kept Kids in Cages

Where they die.